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Connexus: An Evocative Interface

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posted on 01.01.2002, 00:00 by Eric Paulos
Human communication and interaction is comprised of a wide range of verbal and non-verbal cues. Further adoption of novel tele-communication methods such as email, chat, instant messaging (IM), mobile phone SMS text messaging, and videoconferencing; have augmented our mediated interaction abilities. However, a significant (and important) amount of human expression and interaction information is never captured, transmitted, or expressed with current computer mediated communication (CMC) tools. We also lack ambient methods of maintaining contact when not co-located with family and friends. Evocative Interfaces is a new research effort aimed at the study of non-verbal human cues, their intent, motion, meaning, subtleties, and importance in communication. In this paper we address issues involved in the design, construction, and evaluation of Connexus, one such Evocative Interface.




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