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Detailed comparison of America's Army game and Unit of Action experiments

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journal contribution
posted on 01.01.2005, 00:00 by Mike Schneider, Kathleen CarleyKathleen Carley, Il-Chul Moon
Abstract: "America's Army game and Unit of Action experiments are simulations of military units. America's Army is a simulation of a squad level military organization, and the Unit of Action experiments simulate the brigade/battalion level command and control structure. Studies of both these domains reveal that configuring and organizing a unit is important in enhancing its performance. Thus, we may argue that there is a fundamental similarity between the game and the experiment. In this paper, we compare the two simulation analyses in terms of their initial features, results, and recommendations. The comparison of the initial features suggests that both domains use similar explanatory variables, and the comparison of the results shows that the findings of these domains also correspond in many ways. Finally, we investigate different ways of capturing implications in both domains, and based on that, discuss future research issues for the Unit of Action experiments such as developing an ideal communication network or policy by adopting a research method used in the America s Army analysis."


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