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Differential cross sections for the reactions γp→pη and γp→pη'

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journal contribution
posted on 01.10.2009, 00:00 by M. Williams, Z. Krahn, D. Applegate, M. Bellis, Curtis Meyer, CLAS Collaboration

High-statistics differential cross sections for the reactions γp→pη and γp→pη' have been measured using the CEBAF large acceptance spectrometer (CLAS) at Jefferson Lab for center-of-mass energies from near threshold up to 2.84 GeV. The η' results are the most precise to date and provide the largest energy and angular coverage. The η measurements extend the energy range of the world’s large-angle results by approximately 300 MeV. These new data, in particular the η' measurements, are likely to help constrain the analyses being performed to search for new baryon resonance states.