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Differential photoproduction cross sections of the Σ0(1385), Λ(1405), and Λ(1520)

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posted on 30.05.2013, 00:00 by Kei Moriya, Reinhard A. Schumacher, M. Bellis, A. Biselli, B. Dey, D. Ho, H. Y. Lu, Curtis MeyerCurtis Meyer, Michael E. McCracken, Brian Vernarsky, M. Williams, CLAS Collaboration

We report the exclusive photoproduction cross sections for the Σ0(1385), Λ(1405), and Λ(1520) in the reactions γ+p→K++Y∗ using the CLAS detector for energies from near the respective production thresholds up to a center-of-mass energy W of 2.85 GeV. The differential cross sections are integrated to give the total exclusive cross sections for each hyperon. Comparisons are made to current theoretical models based on the effective-Lagrangian approach and fit to previous data. The accuracy of these models is seen to vary widely. The cross sections for the Λ(1405) region are strikingly different for the Σ+π−, Σ0π0, and Σ−π+ decay channels, indicating the effect of isospin interference, especially at W values close to the threshold.


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