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Distributed Search and Rescue with Robot and Sensor Teams

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posted on 2003-07-01, 00:00 authored by George Kantor, Sanjiv Singh, Ronald Peterson, Daniela Rus, Aveek Das, Vijay Kumar, Guilherme Pereira, John Spletzer

We develop a network of distributed mobile sensor systems as a solution to the emergency response problem. The mobile sensors are inside a building and they form a connected ad-hoc network. We discuss cooperative localization algorithms for these nodes. The sensors collect temperature data and run a distributed algorithm to assemble a temperature gradient. The mobile nodes are controlled to navigate using this temperature gradient. We also discuss how such networks can assist human users to find an exit. We have conducted an experiment at a facility used to train firefighters in order to understand the environment and to test component technology. Results from experiments at this facility as well as simulations are presented here.




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