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Editorial: Certain Times

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posted on 01.01.1999, 00:00 by Gloriana St. Clair
With this issue, the Journal of Academic Librarianship begins a celebration of its 25th anniversary with a series of specially commissioned retrospective articles. Richard Dougherty reviews JAUs successes in meeting their stated challenges in a lead article entitled "Reflections on 25 Years of JAL and Academic Libraries." The founding editors, Richard Doughtery and William Webb's, inaugural editorial in March 1975 was titled "Uncertain Times." In it, they outlined four problems then facing librarians: "Supply and demand for new library school graduates," " Library assistants and technicians," "Affirmative action," and "Steady-state budgets." They offered the Journal of Academic Librarianship as a forum "To dialog," "To critique," To envision," and "To hope."


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