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Efficient Multi-View Object Recognition and Full Pose Estimation

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journal contribution
posted on 01.05.2010, 00:00 by Alvaro Collet Romea, Siddhartha SrinivasaSiddhartha Srinivasa

We present an approach for efficiently recognizing all objects in a scene and estimating their full pose from multiple views. Our approach builds upon a state of the art single-view algorithm which recognizes and registers learned metric 3D models using local descriptors. We extend to multiple views using a novel multi-step optimization that processes each view individually and feeds consistent hypotheses back to the algorithm for global refinement. We demonstrate that our method produces results comparable to the theoretical optimum, a full multi-view generalized camera approach, while avoiding its combinatorial time complexity. We provide experimental results demonstrating pose accuracy, speed, and robustness to model error using a three-camera rig, as well as a physical implementation of the pose output being used by an autonomous robot executing grasps in highly cluttered scenes.