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Efficient Resource Management for Linear Logic Proof Search

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posted on 01.01.1967, 00:00 authored by Iliano Cervesato, Joshua S Hodas, Frank Pfenning
The design of linear logic programming languages and theorem provers opens a number of new implementation challenges not present in more traditional logic languages such as Horn clauses (Prolog) and hereditary Harrop formulas (λProlog and Elf). Among these, the problem of efficiently managing the linear context when solving a goal is of crucial importance for the use of these systems in non-trivial applications. This paper studies this problem in the case of Lolli [10], though its results have application to other systems including those based on linear type theory. We first give a proof-theoretic presentation of the operational semantics of this language as a resolution calculus. We then present a series of resource management systems designed to eliminate the non-determinism in the distribution of linear formulas that undermines the efficiency of a direct implementation of this system.


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