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Efficient Task Execution and Refinement through Multi-Resolution Corrective Demonstration

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posted on 1972-01-01, 00:00 authored by Cetin Mericli, Manuela M. Veloso, H. Levent Akin

Computationally efficient task execution is very important for autonomous mobile robots endowed with limited on-board computational capabilities. Most robot control approaches assume fixed state and action representations, and use a single algorithm to map states to actions. However, not all instances of a given task require equally complex algorithms and equally detailed representations. The main motivation for this work is a desire to reduce the computational footprint of performing a task by allowing the robot to run simpler algorithms whenever possible, and resort to more complex algorithms only when needed. We contribute the Multi-Resolution Task Execution (MRTE) algorithm that utilizes human feedback to learn a mapping from a given state to an appropriate detail resolution consisting of a state and action representation, and an algorithm. We then present Model Plus Correction (M+C), an algorithm that complements an existing robot controller with corrective human feedback to further improve the task execution performance. Finally, we introduce Multi-Resolution Model Plus Correction (MRM+C) as a combination of MRTE and M+C. We provide formal definitions of MRTE, M+C, and MRM+C, showing how they relate to general robot control problem and Learning from Demonstration (LfD) methods. We present detailed experimental results demonstrating the effectiveness of proposed methods on a simulated goal-directed humanoid obstacle avoidance task.


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