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Enhancing Data with a Branching HIstory of User Operations

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posted on 01.01.2001, 00:00 by Mark Derthick, Steven F. Roth
Backtracking and investigating alternative scenarios are a integral parts of exploratory data analysis. Yet today’s interfaces cannot represent alternative exploration paths as a branching history, forcing the user to recognize conceptual branch points in a linear history. Further, the interface can only show information from one state at a time, forcing users to rely on memory to compare scenarios. Our system includes a tree-structured visualization for navigating across time and scenarios. The visualization also allows browsing the history and selectively undoing/redoing events within a scenario or across scenarios. It uses the AI formalism of contexts to maintain multiple, possibly mutually inconsistent, knowledge base states. Cross-context formulas can be written for explicit scenario comparison, including visualizations of scenario differences.




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