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Enterprise Management Network architecture : the organization layer

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posted on 1990-01-01, 00:00 authored by Michel Roboam, Mark S. Fox, Katia Sycara-Cyranski
Abstract: "Achieving manufacturing efficiency requires that many groups that comprise a manufacturing enterprise, such as design, planning, production, distribution, field service, accounting, sales and marketing, cooperate in order to achieve their common goal. In this paper we introduce the concept of Enterprise Management Network (EMN) as the element to facilitate the integration of distributed heterogeneous functions of a manufacturing enterprise. The integration is supported by having the network first play a more active role in the accessing and communication of information, and second provide the appropriate protocols for the distribution, coordination, and negotiation of tasks and outcomes.The Enterprise Management Network is divided into six layers: Network Layer, Data Layer, Information Layer, Organization Layer, Coordination Layer, and Market Layer. Each of these layers provides a portion of the elements, functions and protocols to allow the integration of a manufacturing enterprise. The Organization Layer plays the central role in the EMN architecture by defining the model of a decentralized structure, and identifying its major components to be supported by the other layers."


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