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Examining User Interactions with Video Retrieval Systems

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posted on 01.01.1988, 00:00 authored by Michael G Christel
The Informedia group at Carnegie Mellon University has since 1994 been developing and evaluating surrogates, summary interfaces, and visualizations for accessing digital video collections containing thousands of documents, millions of shots, and terabytes of data. This paper reports on TRECVID 2005 and 2006 interactive search tasks conducted with the Informedia system by users having no knowledge of Informedia or other video retrieval interfaces, but being experts in analyst activities. Think-aloud protocols, questionnaires, and interviews were also conducted with this user group to assess the contributions of various video summarization and browsing techniques with respect to broadcast news test corpora. Lessons learned from these user interactions are reported, with recommendations on both interface improvements for video retrieval systems and enhancing the ecological validity of video retrieval interface evaluations.


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