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Exploring the Use of Metrics for Software Assurance

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posted on 17.09.2020 by Carol Woody, Robert Ellison, Charles Ryan
The Software Assurance Framework (SAF) is a collection of cybersecurity practices that programs
can apply across the acquisition lifecycle and supply chain. The SAF can be used to assess
an acquisition program’s current cybersecurity practices and chart a course for improvement, ultimately
reducing the cybersecurity risk of deployed software-reliant systems.
This report proposes measurements for each SAF practice that a program can select to monitor
and manage the progress it’s making toward software assurance. Metrics are needed to determine
how effectively a practice is performed and how well software assurance is addressed. This report
presents an approach for determining which SAF practices should be measured and how. It provides
acquirers, program managers, and contractors with an approach for using metrics to establish
confidence that the systems they plan to field will have sufficient software assurance.


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