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Formalizing Plan Justifications

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posted on 01.10.1997, 00:00 by Eugene Fink, Qiang Yang
This paper formalizes the notion of justified plans, which captures the intuition behind 'good"" plans. A justified plan is one that does not contain operators which are not necessary for achieving a goal. The importance of formalizing this notion is due to two reasons. First, it gives rise to methods for optimizing a given plan by removing ""useless"" operators. Second, several important concepts describing abstraction hierarchies are de fined via justified plans. In the past, relatively few attempts have been made to formalize such a notion. This paper defines several different kinds of plan justifications, presents algorithms for finding a justified version of a plan, and shows that the task of finding the best possible justified version of a plan is NP-complete. Finally, it presents a greedy algorithm for finding a near-optimal justified plan in polynomial time."




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