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Generating space telescope observation schedules

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posted on 01.01.1989, 00:00 authored by Nicola Muscettola
Abstract: "In this paper, we describe HSTS, a system that constructs executable observation schedules for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). HST observation scheduling is a complex task, requiring attendance to a myriad of constraints relating to orbit characteristics, power and thermal balance requirements, instrument capabilities, viewing conditions, guidance requirements, overall allocation objectives, and astronomer specific restrictions and preferences. HSTS provides a general framework for representing and solving such complex scheduling problems. Generally speaking, scheduling in HSTS is viewed as the process of constructing a prediction of the behavior of a physical system (e.g. the HST operating environment) that reflects specified goals and constraints.The HSTS architecture provides a domain description language for specifying the structure and dynamics of the physical system, a temporal data base for modeling possible system behaviors over time, and an opportunistic, constraint-directed scheduling methodology for constructing a system behavior (or set of behaviors) consistent with stated scheduling goals and constraints."


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