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Haptic perception: a tutorial.

journal contribution
posted on 2009-10-01, 00:00 authored by Susan J. Lederman, Roberta KlatzkyRoberta Klatzky

This tutorial focuses on the sense of touch within the context of a fully active human observer. It is intended for graduate students and researchers outside the discipline who seek an introduction to the rapidly evolving field of human haptics. The tutorial begins with a review of peripheral sensory receptors in skin, muscles, tendons, and joints. We then describe an extensive body of research on "what" and "where" channels, the former dealing with haptic perception of objects, surfaces, and their properties, and the latter with perception of spatial layout on the skin and in external space relative to the perceiver. We conclude with a brief discussion of other significant issues in the field, including vision-touch interactions, affective touch, neural plasticity, and applications.