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Homestead Works Site: Envisioning the Future

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posted on 1989-10-01, 00:00 authored by Design Studio

Twenty 5th year architecture students (fourteen from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania and six from Drury College in Springfield, Missouri) have joined HERC’s effort in redeveloping the Homestead Works by envisioning new futures for the site. This report is a direct result and summary of the students' work and has two goals. The first goal is to present a number of different visions of what the site could become in the future inorder to help local citizens begin to envision new opportunities, particularly uses for the waterfront other than the familiar mills. The second goal is to discuss some of the public policy issues through an analysis of various approaches to site planning. Hopefully,citizens and planners will be able to use this study to expand on some of the ideas here and anticipate difficulties in the redevelopment of the site. Ultimately, this report should help Homestead area citizens to envision the kind of future they want for their community and to work toward making it a reality.