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Homewood/Point Breeze Urban/Architecture Proposal

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posted on 01.04.1998, 00:00 authored by Urban Laboratory

The Urban Laboratory is a pre-professional interdisciplinary program, involving students in their final year of the Bachelor of Architecture program and students from the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy.

The subject of this report is a comprehensive urban design and policy statement produced by each of four teams for Homewood and North Point Breeze. Each team was asked to simulate a professional interdisciplinary firm, and to go through the steps a professional firm would take, starting with responding to a Request for Proposal from the City of Pittsburgh. Homewood and North Point Breeze are two highly contrasting neighborhoods separated from each other by a railroad and a busway. Homewood is substantially an African American neighborhood with high unemployment, deterioration, poverty, and crime. North Point Breeze is a racially integrated and historic neighborhood with treelined boulevards and mansions.

Each interdisciplinary team, in the Fall Semester completed the following stages of work: Physical and Social Survey; Exploration and Analysis; Preparation of Alternative Urban Design Strategies; the Development of the Preferred Urban Design Strategy/Alternative; and Final Presentation of Recommendations and Proposals. Students and Faculty held meetings and seminars with citizens, representatives of City Agencies, representatives from the private investment and development sectors, and representatives of Community Development Corporations.