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posted on 2010-05-01, 00:00 authored by Lynn BerardLynn Berard
The new IEEE Xplore 2010 digital library is almost unrecognizable from its previous incarnation -- and that's a good thing. A true collaboration between IEEE and its stakeholders, the product now drives like a fine sports car, the kind that may cost you a tidy sum to insure, but each time you take it out for a spin, you feel reimbursed. IEEE's vision is to become both the publisher of choice for all technical information and the leading society in technology innovation. The advanced search option is the key feature of the new IEEE Xplore. It offers a wide selection of criteria for building an eloquent search strategy and, most importantly, for refining search results. The mega-improved search functionality and delivery options set the pace for future innovation at the researcher's workbench. Kudos to IEEE for working so closely with its base clientele to address their needs and to implement necessary changes based on their feedback.


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