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posted on 1997-01-01, 00:00 authored by Nathan Stark, Sameh Boutros, Justin Fidler, Shoaib Mian, William Moher, Sang Hyun Park, Edwin Rodriguez, Andrew Rosenbaum

What makes information systems successful? As developers, we design systems based upon the needs of clients and the users. The system is successful if it not only meets the needs of the users, but is used effectively and efficiently by the users. This paper illustrates the importance of evaluating information systems and technology.

In order for developers to look at the success of a system, it must be evaluated and tested. We have defined and outlined a process for system evaluation and usability testing. Two systems developed by information and decision systems students at Carnegie Mellon University have been evaluated using this process. Both system evaluations provide a contrasting framework for illustrating the importance of such testing.

Whether developing a system for school newspaper staff or for an entire university, the success lies within the use of the system. In the two evaluations, the adaptability and acceptability of the new systems were the biggest barriers to overcome. The evaluation process allows developers to assess the success of the system and to pinpoint limitations of the system. Upon pinpointing the limitations, developers may be able to modify the system to meet the needs for creating a successful system. System evaluation provides developers this ability.


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