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Integration of Real-Time Software Modules for Reconfigurable Sensor-Based Control Systems

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posted on 1993-01-01, 00:00 authored by David B. Stewart, Richard Volpe, Pradeep Khosla

In this paper we develop a framework for integrating real-time software modules that comprise a reconfigurable multi-sensor based system. Our framework is based on the proposed concept of a global database of state information through which real-time software modules exchange information. This methodology allows the development and integration of reusable software in a complex multiprocessing environment. A reconfigurable sensor-based control system consists of many software modules, each of which can be modelled using a simplified version of a port automaton. Our new state variable table mechanism can be used in both statically and dynamically reconfigurable systems, and it is completely processor independent. Individual modules may also be combined into larger modules to aid in building large systems, and to reduce bus and CPU utilization. An efficient implementation of the state variable table mechanism, which has been integrated into the ChimeraII Real-Time Operating System, is also described.