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Intervalley scattering and localization behaviors of spin-valley coupled Dirac fermions.

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posted on 04.01.2013, 00:00 by Hai-Zhou Lu, Wang Yao, Di XiaoDi Xiao, Shun-Qing Shen

We study the quantum diffusive transport of multivalley massive Dirac cones, where time-reversal symmetry requires opposite spin orientations in inequivalent valleys. We show that the intervalley scattering and intravalley scattering can be distinguished from the quantum conductivity that corrects the semiclassical Drude conductivity, due to their distinct symmetries and localization trends. In immediate practice, it allows transport measurements to estimate the intervalley scattering rate in hole-doped monolayers of group-VI transition metal dichalcogenides (e.g., molybdenum dichalcogenides and tungsten dichalcogenides), an ideal class of materials for valleytronics applications. The results can be generalized to a large class of multivalley massive Dirac systems with spin-valley coupling and time-reversal symmetry.


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