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JASPER: An Eclipse Plug-In to Facilitate Software Maintenance Tasks

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posted on 01.01.2006, 00:00 by Michael CoblenzMichael Coblenz, Andrew Ko, Brad Myers

Recent research has shown that developers spend significant amounts of time navigating around code. Much of this time is spent on redundant navigations to code that the developer previously found. This is necessary today because existing development environments do not enable users to easily collect relevant information, such as web pages, textual notes, and code fragments. JASPER is a new system that allows users to collect relevant artifacts into a working set for easy reference. These artifacts are visible in a single view that represents the user's current task and allows users to easily make each artifact visible within its context. We predict that JASPER will significantly reduce time spent on redundant navigations. In addition, JASPER will facilitate multitasking, interruption management, and sharing task information with other developers.