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posted on 2020-04-29, 17:38 authored by Susan E. Rivers, Kelli Dunlap

Journal of Games, Self, & Society (JGSS) is a peer-reviewed journal whose goal is to encourage interdisciplinary research, conversation, and community around games-related scholarship. The journal highlights qualitative, quantitative, theoretical, and experimental works focused on how games, game design, and gameplay contribute to a deeper understanding of learning, health, and humanity.

JGSS was inspired by feedback from a Higher Education Video Game Alliance (HEVGA) workshop at the Game Developers Conference in 2017. Games scholars and developers identified the perceived scarcity of peer-reviewed publications printing human-centered game-related works as a major obstacle to furthering the scholarship in the field. To address this issue, iThrive Games edited a special issue of Well Played, an academic journal within ETC Press, as a pilot for creating its own journal. The special issue was a resounding success and helped inform the creation of JGSS.

In this issue:

Existential, Transformative Game Design - Doris. C Rusch

Systems at Play: Game Design as an Approach for Teen Self-Expression - Matthew Farber, Mia Kim Williams, Letha Mellman, and Xun Yu

Physical Death, Digital Life, and Post-Self: That Dragon, Cancer as a Digital Memorial - Gareth R. Schott

Experiential Depression and Anxiety Through Proceduralized Play: A Case Study of Fragile Equilibrium - Andrew M. Phelps, Jocelyn Wagner, and Andrew Moger

Mechanical Experience, Competency Profiles, and Jutsu - Sasha Soraine and Jacques Carette





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