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Linearly Induced Mappings between Cones of Quadratic Forms

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posted on 01.01.1993, 00:00 by Ray E. Artz, Walter Noll

This paper deals with mappings between cones of positive quadratic forms which are induced by linear mappings between the underling vector spaces, i.e., the spaces which are the domains of the forms. Three fundamental results are proved, two of which were previously announced by the second author. The first result states that there is an inclusion-reversing one-to-one correspondence between the lattice of subspaces of a given space and the lattice of faces of the cone of quadratic forms on that space. The second result states that all cone-isomorphisms between cones of quadratic forms are induced by linear isomorphisms between the underlying spaces. The third result states that a given cone-linear mapping F between cones of quadratic forms is induced by some linear mapping between the underlying spaces if and only if both F and its transpose preserve faces.




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