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MKM : Mach Kernel Monitor description, examples and measurements

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posted on 2010-08-01, 00:00 authored by Theodore F. Lehr
Abstract: "Visualization of parallel and distributed algorithms and their intimate interaction with the operating system is currently part of the research community's main agenda. This paper introduces and evaluates MKM, the Mach kernel monitor. We show that MKM, when coupled with a user level monitor and visualization system (the PIE system), is able to fulfill the double role of visualizing kernel behavior in the presence of a workload as well as the influence of the operating system kernel on user algorithms. As MKM is expected to be widely used as part of the Mach standard distribution, this paper reports on the MKM design concepts with emphasis on examples showing the usefulness of the system. The report concludes with the measurement and analysis of MKM intrusiveness and ways to compensate for its overhead."




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