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Manipulation Planning with Goal Sets Using Constrained Trajectory Optimization

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posted on 2011-05-01, 00:00 authored by Anca Dragan, Nathan Ratliff, Siddhartha SrinivasaSiddhartha Srinivasa

Goal sets are omnipresent in manipulation: picking up objects, placing them on counters or in bins, handing them off - all of these tasks encompass continuous sets of goals. This paper describes how to design optimal trajectories that exploit goal sets. We extend CHOMP (Covariant Hamiltonian Optimization for Motion Planning), a recent trajectory optimizer that has proven effective on high-dimensional problems, to handle trajectory-wide constraints, and relate the solution to the intuition of taking unconstrained steps and subsequently projecting them onto the constraints. We then show how this projection simplifies for goal sets (i.e. constraints that affect only the end-point). Finally, we present experiments on a personal robotics platform that show the importance of exploiting goal sets in trajectory optimization for day-to-day manipulation tasks.