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Mean-field Density Functional Theory of a Three-Phase Contact Line

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posted on 01.12.2011, 00:00 by Chang-You Lin, Michael WidomMichael Widom, Robert F. Sekerka

A three-phase contact line in a three-phase fluid system is modeled by a mean-field density functional theory. We use a variational approach to find the Euler-Lagrange equations. Analytic solutions are obtained in the two-phase regions at large distances from the contact line. We employ a triangular grid and use a successive overrelaxation method to find numerical solutions in the entire domain for the special case of equal interfacial tensions for the two-phase interfaces. We use the Kerins-Boiteux formula to obtain a line tension associated with the contact line. This line tension turns out to be negative. We associate line adsorption with the change of line tension as the governing potentials change.


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