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Measurement of the Σπ photoproduction line shapes near the Λ(1405)

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posted on 2013-01-24, 00:00 authored by Kei Moriya, Reinhard A. Schumacher, B. Dey, D. Ho, H. Y. Lu, Michael E. McCracken, Curtis MeyerCurtis Meyer, Brian Vernarsky, M. Williams

The reaction γ+p→K++Σ+π was used to determine the invariant mass distributions or “line shapes” of the Σ+π−, Σ−π+, and Σ0π0 final states, from threshold at 1328 MeV/c2 through the mass range of the Λ(1405) and the Λ(1520). The measurements were made with the CLAS system at Jefferson Lab using tagged real photons, for center-of-mass energies 1.95


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