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Minimum Cost Input/Output Design for Large-Scale Linear Structural Systems

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posted on 01.01.2015, 00:00 authored by Sergio Pequito, Soummya KarSoummya Kar, A. Pedro Aguiar

In this paper, we provide optimal solutions to two different (but related) input/output design problems involving large-scale linear dynamical systems, where the cost associated to each directly actuated/measured state variable can take different values, but is independent of the labeled input/output variable. Under these conditions, we first aim to determine and characterize the input/output placement that incurs in the minimum cost while ensuring that the resulting placement achieves structural controllability/observability. Further, we address a constrained variant of the above problem, in which we seek to determine the minimum cost placement configuration, among all possible input/output placement configurations that ensures structural controllability/observability, with the lowest number of directly actuated/measured state variables. We show that both problems can be solved efficiently, i.e., using algorithms with polynomial time complexity in the number of the state variables. Finally, we illustrate the obtained results with an example.