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Mobile Transit Rider Information Via Universal Design and Crowdsourcing

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posted on 2011-01-01, 00:00 authored by Aaron Steinfeld, John Zimmerman, Anthony Tomasic, Daisy Yoo, Rafae Dar Aziz

Extensive interviews with riders of the Pittsburgh bus system revealed that, as the top priority, riders want to know the current location of buses. Using a universal design methodology, we designed a system, named Tiramisu, to foster a greater sense of community between riders and transit bus service providers. Our design focuses on crowd-sourcing acquisition of information about bus location and fullness, predicting the arrival time of buses, and providing a convenient platform for reporting problems and positive experiences within the transit system. This will create a user community of riders that are participating in the delivery of service. Tiramisu also supports specific information and reporting needs for riders with disabilities, thereby providing greater independent mobility around the community. Early field testing of Tiramisu suggests our approach is both feasible and potentially viable. In summary, Tiramisu is valuable enough for riders to commit time and effort to its use to produce a sustained user community




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