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Mobility Patterns in Microcellular Wireless Networks

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journal contribution
posted on 2003-03-01, 00:00 authored by Suttipong Thajchayapong, Jon PehaJon Peha

This study investigates mobility patterns in microcellular wireless networks, based on measurements from the 802.11-based system that blankets the Carnegie Mellon University campus. We characterize the distribution of dwell time, which is the length of time that a mobile device remains in a cell until the next handoff, and sign-on interarrival time, which is the length of time between successive sign-ons from the same mobile device. Many researchers have assumed that these distributions are exponential, but our results based on empirical analysis show that dwell time and sign-on interarrival time can be accurately described using heavy-tailed arithmetic distributions that have infinite mean and variance. We also show that the number of handoffs per sign-on can be modeled accurately with a heavy-tailed distribution.




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