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Multimedia Information Extraction Roadmap

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posted on 01.10.2007, 00:00 authored by Alexander Hauptmann
The broad challenge in my view is to exploit multi-lingual, multimedia information from both web and TV video to allow broader understanding of different ideological, social, and cultural perspectives in different sources, for a wide variety of applications. This will involve the judicious analysis of the text and video features using a variety of machine learning and language analysis methods, as well as understanding of the video editing structure, as well as the context in which the media appears. Other challenges involve dealing with the flood of data through mechanisms for intelligent, context-driven summarization, as our brains remain limited in the amount of information they can process. Yet different challenges concern the mobile use of multimedia data, considering limited bandwidth, small displays, limited multimedia input mechanisms as well as the social network that provides the context of the media – however, the latter challenge won’t be addressed in the following paragraphs.




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