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Multiple oxide content media for columnar grain growth in L10 FePt thin films

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posted on 2013-03-01, 00:00 authored by Hoan Ho, En Yang, David E. Laughlin, Jian-Gang Zhu

An approach to enhance the height-to-diameter ratio of FePt grains in heat-assisted magnetic recording media is proposed. The FePt-SiOx thin films are deposited with a decrease of the SiOxpercentage along the film growth direction. When bi-layer and tri-layer media are sputtered at 410 °C, we observe discontinuities in the FePt grains at interfaces between layers, which lead to poor epitaxial growth. Due to increased atomic diffusion, the bi-layer media sputtered at 450 °C is shown to (1) grow into continuous columnar grains with similar size as single-layer media but much higher aspect ratio, (2) have better L10 ordering and larger coercivity.


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