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NanoFabrics: Spatial Computing Using Molecular Electronics

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posted on 01.01.1976, 00:00 by Seth C. Goldstein, Mihai Budiu
The continuation of the remarkable exponential increases in processing power over the recent past faces imminent challenges due in part to the physics of deep-submicron CMOS devices and the costs of both chip masks and future fabrication plants. A promising solution to these problems is offered by an alternative to CMOS-based computing, chemically assembled electronic nanotechnology (CAEN). In this paper we outline how CAEN-based computing can become a reality. We briefly describe recent work in CAEN and how CAEN will affect computer architecture. We show how the inherently reconfigurable nature of CAEN devices can be exploited to provide high-density chips with defect tolerance at significantly reduced manufacturing costs. We develop a layered abstract architecture for CAEN-based computing devices and we present preliminary results which indicate that such devices will be competitive with CMOS circuits.


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