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New Technology and Organizational Effectiveness

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posted on 2012-01-01, 00:00 authored by Paul S. Goodman, Linda ArgoteLinda Argote

Robots and advanced information systems are being used in increasing numbers in both industry and military organizations in the United States., While only a few hundred robots were used in the United States in 1970. their number had increased to 4.700 by 1981 and to about 7.000 by 1983 (Ayres and Miller. 1983; Hunt and Hunt. 1983) Forecasts of how many robots will be in use in 1990 in this country range between 75,000 and 150.000 (Hunt and Hunt. 1983)., Expert systems are just beginning to come into widespread use" Little is known. however. about how these new technologies affect organizational structures, processes, or performance" This research program aims (l) to develop methodologies for studying the introduction of robotics and advanced information systems into organizations, and (2) to use these methodologies to conduct empirical studies of the introduction and effectiveness of these new technologies.,




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