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Non-regularlized Boolean set operations on non-manifold b-rep objects

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posted on 1990-01-01, 00:00 authored by E. L. Gursoz, Y Choi, F Prinz, Carnegie Mellon University.Engineering Design Research Center.
Abstract: "For Boolean operations on geometric models, we have developed an intersection algorithm for non-manifold boundary models with vertices, linear edges, planar faces, and volumetric regions. The algorithm operates by intersecting entities in an ordered manner, from vertex to edge, then to face elements, in contrast to intersecting pairs of faces as in two-manifold boundaries. Singular intersections are systematically handled by determining if an entity in one object is within a tolerance region of the entity in the other object.Two-manifold objects, i.e. solids, and non-manifold objects represented with the vertex-based data structure, which is designed for non-manifold representation, are handled by the same intersection algorithm. An implementation of the proposed algorithm and the experimental results are also discussed."


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