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Optimizing Symbolic Model Checking for Constraint-Rich Models

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posted on 01.01.1999, 00:00 authored by Bwolen Yang, Reid SimmonsReid Simmons, Randal BryantRandal Bryant, David O'HallaronDavid O'Hallaron

This paper presents optimizations for verifying systems with complex time-invariant constraints. These constraints arise naturally from modeling physical systems, e.g., in establishing the relationship between different components in a system. To verify constraint-rich systems, we propose two new optimizations. The first optimization is a simple, yet powerful, extension of the conjunctivepartitioning algorithm. The second is a collection of BDD-based macro-extraction and macro-expansion algorithms to remove state variables. We show that these two optimizations are essential in verifying constraint-rich problems; in particular, this work has enabled the verification of fault diagnosis models of the Nomad robot (an Antarctic meteorite explorer) and of the NASA Deep Space One spacecraft.


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