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Proposal for Revitalization of Uptown Mt. Lebanon

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posted on 1991-04-01, 00:00 authored by Urban Generation

The Municipality of Mt. Lebanon and Uptown Mt. Lebanon, a nonprofit development corporation, have requested Urban Generation to submit a proposal for the preparation of an urban revitalization plan to guide the development of the Washington Road Business District (WRBD).

Urban Generation views this proposal as an opportunity to create a strong commercial main street to serve a variety of residential communities. We also see a great opportunity to attract shoppers from a wider market area, including those who pass through the district daily while commuting to work. We recognize a need to review issues that relate directly to the revitalization of the WRBD. These include examining the residential areas surrounding Washington Road, considering the future of the vacant school building and the adaptation of City Hall, and study the relationship between the light rail transit and the business district.

The problem is an interesting mix of metropolitan and local issues. Urban Generation has approached the problem as outlined in this proposal.