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Proposal for the Revitalization of Vandergrift

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posted on 1990-10-01, 00:00 authored by Carnegie Mellon Urban Design Associates

The Vandergrift Action Coalition (VAC) was established by a group of concerned citizens to develop policies for the revitalization of their town. They have requested Carnegie Mellon Urban Design Associates to submit an urban design proposal to achieve that end. We share the VAC's opinion that Vandergrift is an important town worth saving. CMUDA recognizes the historical significance of Vandergrift and the unique quality of life that it has the potential to offer again. Unfortunately, Vandergrift did not escape the plight that has plagued many of the small steel towns of this region. Vandergrift has undergone an economic decline due to the dramatic restructuring of the steel industry in the United States. Despite the many changes that the town has overcome since being built, and in spite of the fact that the region has not attracted new industry to stimulate its stagnant economy, the historic character of the town remains relatively intact.

The VAC has put CMUDA under contract to develop urban design guidelines for revitalization and strategies for implementation. They have asked for a guidebook that will be published so that individual property owners can improve their homes and aid in the revitalization of the area.




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