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Quasi Real-Time Summarization for Consumer Videos

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posted on 01.06.2014, 00:00 by Bin ZhaoBin Zhao, Eric P Xing

With the widespread availability of video cameras, we are facing an ever-growing enormous collection of unedited and unstructured video data. Due to lack of an automatic way to generate summaries from this large collection of consumer videos, they can be tedious and time consuming to index or search. In this work, we propose online video highlighting, a principled way of generating short video summarizing the most important and interesting contents of an unedited and unstructured video, costly both time-wise and financially for manual processing. Specifically, our method learns a dictionary from given video using group sparse coding, and updates atoms in the dictionary on-the-fly. A summary video is then generated by combining segments that cannot be sparsely reconstructed using the learned dictionary. The online fashion of our proposed method enables it to process arbitrarily long videos and start generating summaries before seeing the end of the video. Moreover, the processing time required by our proposed method is close to the original video length, achieving quasi real-time summarization speed. Theoretical analysis, together with experimental results on more than 12 hours of surveillance and YouTube videos are provided, demonstrating the effectiveness of online video highlighting.


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