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Query-Driven Conceptual Browsing: A Semi-Automated Approach for Building and Exploring Concepts on the Web

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posted on 01.04.2008, 00:00 authored by Kinshuk Jerath, Balaji Padmanabhan
The presence of communities, which are groups of highly cross referenced pages together representing a single concept, is a striking feature of the World Wide Web. Quite often a group of communities, each topically coherent within itself, may be related through a common concept manifested in each of them. Motivated by this observation, we present a method for query-driven conceptual browsing for exploring concepts on the Web starting from a userspecified query. We show how this idea is related to prior work on learning concept maps and on Web Mining, and discuss the application of conceptual browsing for user-driven exploration and discovery of new concepts on the Web.


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