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Random Juror Selection from Multiple Lists

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posted on 1976-03-01, 00:00 authored by John P. Lehoczky, Joseph B. Kadane
We examine the selection of jurors' names from multiple source lists, using statistical and optimization methodology. Five plans for sampling at random from overlapping lists of names are analyzed for their probabilistic and cost properties. In each plan the probability of a name being selected is independent of which and how many lists it appears on. We consider the optimal ordering of the frames to minimize cost and develop a heuristic for solving this problem. Although the methods are discussed in terms of juror selection, the results apply to sampling from overlapping frames in any context. For instance, if lists of equipment are kept according to possible uses, with versatile equipment listed many times, the methods of this paper can be used to draw a random sample of equipment to check for. readiness.




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