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Rapidly Exponentially Stabilizing Control Lyapunov Functions and Hybrid Zero Dynamics

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posted on 01.01.2014, 00:00 by Aaron D. Ames, Kevin Galloway, Koushil SreenathKoushil Sreenath, Jessy W. Grizzle

This paper addresses the problem of exponentially stabilizing periodic orbits in a special class of hybrid models-systems with impulse effects-through control Lyapunov functions. The periodic orbit is assumed to lie in a C1 submanifold Z that is contained in the zero set of an output function and is invariant under both the continuous and discrete dynamics; the associated restriction dynamics are termed the hybrid zero dynamics. The orbit is furthermore assumed to be exponentially stable within the hybrid zero dynamics. Prior results on the stabilization of such periodic orbits with respect to the full-order dynamics of the system with impulse effects have relied on input-output linearization of the dynamics transverse to the zero dynamics manifold. The principal result of this paper demonstrates that a variant of control Lyapunov functions that enforce rapid exponential convergence to the zero dynamics surface, Z, can be used to achieve exponential stability of the periodic orbit in the full-order dynamics, thereby significantly extending the class of stabilizing controllers. The main result is illustrated on a hybrid model of a bipedal walking robot through simulations and is utilized to experimentally achieve bipedal locomotion via control Lyapunov functions.


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