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Recognizing & Interpreting Indian Sign Language Gesture for Human Robot Interaction

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posted on 01.01.2010, 00:00 by Anup Nandy, Soumik Mondal, Jay Shanka Prasad, Pavan Chakraborty, Gora Nandi

This paper describes a novel approach towards recognizing of Indian Sign Language (ISL) gestures for Humanoid Robot Interaction (HRI). An extensive approach is being introduced for classification of ISL gesture which imparts an elegant way of interaction between humanoid robot HOAP-2 and human being. ISL gestures are being considered as a communicating agent for humanoid robot which is being used in this context explicitly. It involves different image processing techniques followed by a generic algorithm for feature extraction process. The classification technique deals with the Euclidean distance metric. The concrete HRI system has been established for initiation based learning mechanism. The Real time robotics simulation software, WEBOTS has been adopted to simulate the classified ISL gestures on HOAP-2 robot. The JAVA based software has been developed to deal with the entire HRI process.


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