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Representing embeddability as set inclusion

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posted on 01.01.1995, 00:00 authored by Menachem Kojman
Abstract: "A few steps are made towards representation theory of embeddability among uncountable graphs. A monotone class of graphs is defined by forbidding countable subgraphs, related to the graphs [sic] end-structure. Using a combinatorial theorem of Shelah it is proved: - The complexity of the class in every regular uncountable [lambda] > N₁ is at least [lambda superscript plus] + sup[mu superscript N₀] : [mu superscript plus] < [lambda] - For all regular uncountable [lambda] > N₁ there are 2[superscript lambda] pairwise non embeddable graphs in the class having strong homogeneity properties. - It is characterized when some invariants of a graph G [element of] G[subscript lambda] have to be inherited by one of fewer than [lambda] subgraphs whose union covers G. All three results are obtained as corollaries of a representation theorem (Theorem 1.10 below), that asserts the existence of a surjective homomorphism from the relation of embeddability over isomorphism types of regular cardinality [lambda] > N₁ onto set inclusion over all subsets of reals or cardinality [lambda] or less. Continuity properties of the homomorphism are used to extend the first result to all singular cardinals below the first cardinal fixed point of second order. The first result shows that, unlike what Shelah showed in the class of all graphs, the relations of embeddability in this class is not independent of negations of the GCH."


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