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Research Data Management at Carnegie Mellon University

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journal contribution
posted on 2014-04-01, 00:00 authored by Steven I Van Tuyl
The Office of Science and Technology Policy memo of February 22, 2013, was a watershed moment in open scholarship - effectively extending the policy of open scholarship set forth by the National Institutes of Health to all major federal funding agencies. While the potential for such a sweeping mandate has been on the radar of many university libraries and research administrators, the reality of the OSTP memo has left many institutions scrambling to understand the implications for their digital infrastructures for curation of data and publications. The presenter will discuss the processes by which Carnegie Mellon University is preparing to respond to these policy directives, what near and long-term digital infrastructures the university is using to approach the problem, and how they are retooling library and other administrative services to meet researcher needs.




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