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Screening Rules for Overlapping Group Lasso

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posted on 2014-10-25, 00:00 authored by Seunghak Lee, Eric P Xing

Recently, to solve large-scale lasso and group lasso problems, screening rules have been developed, the goal of which is to reduce the problem size by efficiently discarding zero coefficients using simple rules independently of the others. However, screening for overlapping group lasso remains an open challenge because the overlaps between groups make it infeasible to test each group independently. In this paper, we develop screening rules for overlapping group lasso. To address the challenge arising from groups with overlaps, we take into account overlapping groups only if they are inclusive of the group being tested, and then we derive screening rules, adopting the dual polytope projection approach. This strategy allows us to screen each group independently of each other. In our experiments, we demonstrate the efficiency of our screening rules on various datasets.




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