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Searching for Intrinsic Value in Interaction: Reflections on the Conceptual Designs of Digital Music Players

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posted on 01.01.2005, 00:00 by John Zimmerman, Ellen Ayoob, Jodi Forlizzi
The value of most consumer electronics made today makes these products worth only slightly more than the parts needed to build them. In our research we have explore the aesthetics of interaction, searching for how interaction can add intrinsic value to products. Through an analysis of 20+ music players designed to emotionally link a variety of different users with their music across different contexts, we have identified three emerging thematic opportunities. These include interaction designs that (i) integrate the interaction into objects within the context, (ii) bridge the user activity and social role, and (iii) socially connect the user to other people. This paper details these themes and offers conceptual designs that illustrate how they work in products.




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