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Simultaneous Cake Cutting

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posted on 01.11.2002, 00:00 by Eric Balkanski, Simina Brânzei, David Kurokawa, Ariel D. Procaccia

We introduce the simultaneous model for cake cutting (the fair allocation of a divisible good), in which agents simultaneously send messages containing a sketch of their preferences over the cake. We show that this model enables the computation of divisions that satisfy proportionality — a popular fairness notion — using a protocol that circumvents a standard lower bound via parallel information elicitation. Cake divisions satisfying another prominent fairness notion, envy-freeness, are impossible to compute in the simultaneous model, but admit arbitrarily good approximations.


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Electronic version of an article published as International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science 14(4), 2003, pp. 583-604 . © [copyright World Scientific Publishing Company] []



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